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Upgraded Self Lifestyle Choices

Bulletproof Diet

LCHF diet snackYou may or may not have heard of a famous biohacker called Dave Asprey. Dave is also known as the Bulletproof Exec and is the man behind this new approach to the high fat low carb diet.

As he says eating a paelo diet is good, but what you really want is to look at each food item like the meat, vegetables and fats and see how can you get each of those to be of the highest quality available. He would say his is a upgraded paleo diet.

His book The Bulletproof® Diet will be released soon and contains a complete roadmap and how to guide to grocery shopping and recipe ideas.

A good one is rolling some grassfed Kerrygold butter in some meat for a butter-meat sandwich.

Bulletproof Coffee


A major step to beginning your move to a high fat life is to change the way you drink coffee or tea in the morning. This is a great way to get more fat into your diet.

There are three ingredients when making a cup of Bulletproof® Coffee:

  1. Upgraded™ Coffee beans
  2. Upgraded™ Brain Octane Oil or MCT oil
  3. Grassfed butter or ghee

You can read the exact amounts needed and step by step instructions needed here.

Upgraded Self Store Products

Dave is developing a bigger range and releasing more options in his product catalog. It all started with coffee beans and MCT oil and progressed into chocolate, supplements like nootropics and accessories like emWave HRV monitors and brain training devices.

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